Magic of Lapland

Incentive program in Saariselkä

DAY 1 – Welcome to Lapland

Upon arrival at Ivalo airport meet & greet by Lapland Safaris guide and board the waiting coach for transfer to your hotel in Saariselkä resort. Transfer time approximately 20 minutes. 


While the coach is driving along small roads towards the resort it is stopped by a local reindeer herder who invites you to his “kota” village for a Welcoming Ceremony. While sitting on reindeer skin covered benches you will experience an old but cheerful Lappish ceremony, which helps your stay in Lapland. Welcome drinks are served before continuing towards Saariselkä. The duration of the ceremony is about ½ – 1 hour.

Upon arrival at your hotel, Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna pre-registered check-in. Luggage will be delivered to your room.  

Hotel Riekonlinna in Saariselkä

Hotel Riekonlinna in Saariselkä

Welcome dinner takes place in the hotel restaurant.

Overnight in hotel Riekonlinna.

DAY 2 – Get to know the Sami – all day safari

Finnish buffet breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. Afterwards a short walk to the Safari Club where you will receive safari clothing (socks, shoes, overall, mitten, balaclava) for today’s activities.

Snowmobilie safari in the wilderness f

Snowmobilie safari in the wilderness for incentive groups in Lapland

Snowmobiles wait for you in the snowmobile park. After driving lesson you start off on snowmobiles, one person per snowmobile, towards the village of Inari, the center of Sámi culture.

The snowmobile tour will lead you along the trail that follows ancient routes of Sámi people over snow-covered fells. You will drive through the forest and over frozen rivers and lakes. Experience the real wilderness when you cross the Hammasjärvi area and head towards the biggest lake of Finnish Lapland: Lake Inari.

Upon arrival in Inari village, take a break at the SIIDA MUSEUM. Lunch will be served in the museum’s own restaurant “Sarrit”.

After lunch you have the possibility to learn more about this fascinating part of the country by visiting the museum. The exhibition deals with the nature of Northern Lapland and the Sami culture. Additionally temporary changing exhibitions are shown.

After the visit you head back towards Saariselkä on snowmobiles. Once again, witness the beauty of the Arctic Nature. Duration of the program approximately 8 hours

In the afternoon the hotel saunas are at guests’ disposal (non-exclusive basis). 


The Huippu restaurant of Kaunispää is located on the top of Kaunispää fell, 437 meters above the sea level. Magnificent scenery reaches from the top over the round shaped archipelago of Saariselkä fell area as far as the eye can see, in the East even far to the Russian side. Panorama restaurant sets 150 persons.  

The Huippu on the mountain top has served visitors since 1954 and is specialized in Lappish kitchen; all the ingredients are delivered close around the area and pure Lappish nature. Reindeer, snow grouse, salmon, whitefish, trout and cloudberries – all made with skill. The reputation of the Huippu restaurant as a cherisher of the best Lappish cuisine tradition is widely appreciated. Many important events have taken place on the Top of the fell, for example the EU foreign ministers dined their gala dinner in Huippu restaurant fall 1999. The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs was awarded for the Huippu restaurant year 2000.

After 3-course dinner transfer back to the hotel. 

DAY 3 – Visit to the Reindeer Farm

Finnish buffet breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. Shortly after breakfast, meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel. After a short walk to the Safari Club to pick up the helmets, you will take over the snowmobiles.

Visit to a reindeer farm in Lapland

Visit to a reindeer farm is a unique experience to get to know the Sami culture in Lapland

Today´s snowmobile safari trail leads over the fells and through thin arctic forest of snow-covered pines and dwarf birches. 

In old times the most important domesticated animal for Lapps was reindeer. Reindeer was used as a vehicle, food and raw material for clothes. Before start, Lapps harnessed their reindeers in front of the sledge so that animal was controlled by man and couldn’t make its own decisions deciding the routes. At the farm, as instructed by your host, you will take a reindeer driving test — and receive your own personal reindeer driving licence!

Typical local lunch is served in a traditional log cabin.

After the visit to the reindeer farm tour continues and ends later back to the snowmobile park, next to your hotel. Duration of the program 5 hours. 

Hotel saunas are at guests’ disposal (non-exclusive basis). 

In the evening meet your guide in the hotel lobby. Coach transfer to dinner in REVONTULI COURT.  On the way first a visit to an IGLOO SITE, made totally out of ice and snow! Inside two big igloos you will find an ice bar as well as ice sculptures. Enjoy a hot drink while you can admire photos of “Northern Lights” which are projected to the roof and wall of snow igloo. 

Revontuli Court in Saariselkä

Revontuli Court in Saariselkä

Continue shortly to Revontuli Court (Revontuli = Northern Lights), which is situated in the middle of the forest, a short drive from Saariselkä. The unbroken peace of the wilderness surrounds you. 

This LAPPISH THEME EVENING brings out the four traditional colours, representing the four main seasons in Lapland.  Blue and red together with green and yellow – these colours can also be seen in the flames of the Northern lights and tonight as well in candles and serviettes. The waiter staff is wearing their colourful Lapp dresses and costumes. The decoration in cotton grass, hays and willow trees reflects the beautiful simplicity of Lappish nature. Chef of Revontuli Court brings in his favourite delicacies. 

 After dinner, coach transfer back to your hotel. 

Overnight stay in Hotel Riekonlinna

DAY 4 – Goodbye to Lapland!

Finnish buffet breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant. 

Check-out and luggage handling in the hotel.

Return your safari outfit at the reception.

Transfer by private coach to Ivalo airport for departure – farewells to your guide!


All programs are weather permitting. All the items are subject to availability at the time you request the space. We reserve the right to change the rates in the event of increase of taxes, fuel costs or similar beyond our control.

INSURANCE All the snowmobiles, cars and forest scooters are insured as required by the Finnish Traffic Insurance Act. This insurance covers medical care for injuries to the driver and the passenger arising from accidents. Personal injuries and damages to other parties while driving a snowmobile, car or forest scooter are fully covered according to the Finnish Traffic Insurance Act. Lapland Safaris is not liable in general for personal injuries or material damage arising from accidents during other games and activities such as husky sleigh safaris, reindeer safaris or other excursions in which snowmobiles or quad bikes are not involved. Personal travel insurance is therefore highly recommended.

SELF LIABILITY Safari participants are held liable for damages caused to snowmobiles, forest scooters or cars. Each vehicle driver must put down a damage deposit on the spot upon their arrival, by cash or credit card, if other arrangements have not been made in advance. The amount of the deposit is EUR 980,- for snowmobiles and forest scooters and EUR 1 830,- for cars. The customer must notify Lapland Safaris in advance about who (each participant individually or the orderer or company) is going to be held responsible for self-liability. The self- liability is mentioned during the driving lesson before safari/car driving activity begins.

DRIVING TERMS The driver of a snowmobile must be 18 years old with a valid driving licence, forest scooter driver has to be at least 18 years old with a valid driving license. Children under 2 years old are free of charge and children under 15 years old get a discount and they are then allowed to sit on a sledge pulled by a snowmobile. Children under 15 years old are seated in a sledge pulled by snowmobile and are given helmets. Driving a snowmobile or forest scooter under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic products is prohibited by Finnish law.

As the responsible safari organizers, we reserve the right to change the routing and duration of the excursions if necessary, according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions, or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and the comfort of the participants. We also reserve the right to discontinue the safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others, or is in poor health.

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