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Incentive program in Rovaniemi

Day 1 – Welcome to Lapland!

Upon arrival at Rovaniemi airport meet & greet by Lapland Safaris guide. Transfer to Rovaniemi city center by coach.

Private coach transfer to Rantasipi Hotel Pohjanhovi, legendary Hotel full of “Lapland Magic” on the Arctic Circle.

OPTIONAL: Snowmobile safari to the city

Outfit delivery to the airport (for this we need sizes in advance; weight, height and shoe size).

Head directly from the airport to the untouched Arctic wilderness, where you can immediately feel liberated from the stress and hectic pace of your everyday life. A real surprise to begin your Lapland adventure with: a snowmobile safari right from modern Rovaniemi Airport to the wilderness of Lapland! Change into thermal safari outfits at airport premises and proceed to snowmobiles. After instructions of driving technique and safety rules you will start the first part of your Lapland adventure. Two person share one snowmobile, taking turns in driving. Drive through snow covered forests to today’s destination – Rovaniemi town and your Hotel! Your luggage is transported separately directly to Clarion Hotel Santa Claus.

OPTIONAL: Passport control stop

As the coach is driving along the small roads towards town, it is stopped at passport control station by border guards. The guards will enter the coach asking for passports. As the guests only have foreign passports, which are not allegedly valid in Lapland, everyone has to get out of the coach for further actions. The guests walk through an official passport control gate and each is given Lapland passport inscribed with their names and details. Through the gate they will continue to Lapp “kota” village specially built for the group. At the village you will meet Lapps in their colourful costumes and there is a Lapp girl singing traditional joiku songs. There are lumberjack’s candles and large campfires to decorate the village and welcome drinks are served before continuing to your hotel.

Known as a meeting place for all the North, the Pohjanhovi is full of the genuine Lapland spirit – but is also a very international hotel. Guests come from around the world to experience the unique Lapland magic that the hotel and the surrounding fells offer.

This hotel has a long history of offering high-quality accommodation by the River Kemijoki. Pohjanhovi has a diverse range of supplementary services and the restaurant facing the river serves plenty of Lappish delicacies.

Pick up of the safari equipment (overalls, boots, socks, scarf, mittens, commando mask, helmets).

Check-in and delivery of the keys

Time to fresh-up

Non-stop saunas at disposal at the hotel (not private)

Half-board dinner is served at HOTEL RESTAURANT, 3 courses + coffee

Accommodation in double/twin rooms

Day 2 – Full day Snowmobile safari with icefishing and outdoor lunch

A break in the wilderness during the snowmobile safari in Lapland

A break in the wilderness during the snowmobile safari in Lapland

Finnish buffet breakfast is served in hotel restaurant.

Meet your safari guides in hotel lobby and proceed on foot to nearby Safari parking place.

Shortly after briefing of driving technique and safety rules you start your day with snowmobile safari right from the city centre. Two persons share one snowmobile, taking turns in driving. This is a modern way of moving in the snow-covered woods and has become also a part of everyday life for the Lapps.

Departure for a snowmobile safari through the wilderness.

Arrival to the wilderness lake, where everybody can try their luck in ice-fishing. The catch will be prepared as a delicious snack by an open fire.

In winter time fishing is not so easy when rivers and lakes are frozen. Fish is, however, delicious and nice dish to enjoy also during the winter. First you have to make a hole in the ice with a help of a drill, then drop the line with hook and bait through it and wait for the catch with patience. While fishing it’s important to keep the hole open that it won’t freeze up. If that happens the line gets stuck, and you will end up with nothing but an empty stomach.

Outdoor lunch of 2 courses + coffee

Continuing snowmobile safari towards town. Return back to town

Non-stop saunas at disposal at the hotel (not private)

Private coach transfer to the SNOWLAND

The village is lighted with fires and lanterns and the dinner is served in a real Igloo restaurant. Guests are sitting on benches covered with reindeer pelts and the dinner is served on tables made of ice. The roof of the igloo is like a starry sky.

Dinner 3 courses + coffee

OPTIONALS at Snowland

  • * Company name made of ice
  • * Warm welcome cocktail served by the campfire
  • * Welcome drink in ice glass
  • * Icy menu card
  • * Arctic Disco outside; the dance floor is made of ice and there are proper disco lights and DJ to bring the feeling up!

Return transfer back to hotel for overnight.

Day 3 – Visit to the Reindeer and Husky farm

Finnish buffet breakfast is served in hotel restaurant.

Meet with the guides at the hotel lobby. Today you will visit Reindeer and Husky Farm

Visit to a reindeer farm in Lapland

Visit to a reindeer farm is a unique experience to get to know the Sami culture in Lapland

Coach transfer to the local Reindeer Farm, where first upon arrival the mysterious Arctic Circle crossing ceremony. The personal certificates will be delivered. Then everyone can try his skills in reindeer driving and obtain an official driver’s licence. Lapp lasso casting and tobogganing are also worth trying.

After Reindeer farm visit to the Husky Farm where friendly huskies welcome to the group. Everyone can enjoy a husky ride in a sledge hauled by the husky team.

For centuries, people living in the Arctic have relied on a strong and tenacious partner; the Arctic sled dog, the husky to transport the catch of the hunt or medicines in harsh condition across inaccessible terrain. This visit gives you opportunity to experience something unique; the ties between the musher and the dogs formed on a joint expedition into the wilderness. You soon learn that behind its icy-blue gaze is a friendly canine character who works closely with people.

Traditional Lappish lunch is served at the farm in Kammi restaurant, 2 courses + coffee

After lunch transfer back to the town

Non-stop saunas at disposal at the hotel (not private)

Dinner at the RESTAURANT NILI (3 courses + coffee). Restaurant is situated in the city center of Rovaniemi. Restaurant Nili offers Lappish delicacies and warm atmosphere in the heart of Rovaniemi, near the hotels. The furnishings are genuine Lappish handicraft and materials such as Lappish wood, reindeer horns and reindeer leather feature strongly in the design. A visit to restaurant Nili is a combination of tastes, scents and atmosphere. The cornerstones of the restaurant are pure Lappish and Finnish ingredients and the food is prepared with heart and soul from start to finish in their kitchen.

After dinner possibility to check the local night life on several restaurant at Rovaniemi

Day 4 – Goodbye to Lapland!

Finnish buffet breakfast is served at hotel restaurant. Check-out, porter age of luggage and transfer by private coach to Rovaniemi airport for departure – farewell to Lapland and to your guide!



All programs are weather permitting. All the items are subject to availability at the time you request the space. We reserve the right to change the rates in the event of increase of taxes, fuel costs or similar beyond our control.


All the snowmobiles, cars and forest scooters are insured as required by the Finnish Traffic Insurance Act. This insurance covers medical care for injuries to the driver and the passenger arising from accidents. Personal injuries and damages to other parties while driving a snowmobile, car or forest scooter are fully covered according to the Finnish Traffic Insurance Act. Lapland Safaris is not liable in general for personal injuries or material damage arising from accidents during other games and activities such as husky sleigh safaris, reindeer safaris or other excursions in which snowmobiles or quad bikes are not involved. Personal travel insurance is therefore highly recommended.


Safari participants are held liable for damages caused to snowmobiles, forest scooters or cars. Each vehicle driver must put down a damage deposit on the spot upon their arrival,by cash or credit card, if other arrangements have not been made in advance. The amount of the deposit is EUR 980,- for snowmobiles and forest scooters and EUR 1 830,- for cars. The customer must notify Lapland Safaris in advance about who (each participant individually or the orderer or company) is going to be held responsible for self liability. The self liability is mentioned during the driving lesson before safari/car driving activity begins.


The driver of a snowmobile must be 18 years old with a valid driving licence, forest scooter driver has to be at least 18 years old with a valid driving license. Children under 2 years old are free of charge and children under 15 years old get a discount and they are then allowed to sit on a sledge pulled by a snowmobile. Children under 15 years old are seated in a sledge pulled by snowmobile and are given helmets.

Driving a snowmobile or forest scooter under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic products is prohibited by Finnish law. As the responsible safari organizers, we reserve the right to change the routing and duration of the excursions if necessary, according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions, or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and the comfort of the participants. We also reserve the right to discontinue the safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others, or is in poor health.

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